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Tramin red, BIO

Tramin red, BIO

Late harvest BIO, 2022
The 2022 vintage gave our Bio Tramín a beautiful aroma that evokes the scent of a blossoming tea rose and honeycomb. The color of the wine is greenish-yellow, attractive. The taste is dominated by the spiciness so typical for this variety, complemented by notes of yellow fruit. We grow the organic grapes for the production of our Tramín in a spirit of strict principles of organic production on the Panenský kopec vineyard line since 2007.

Properties of wine

Color: White wines

Sugar content: semi-dry

Residual sugar: 11.3

Acids: 7.2

Alcohol: 13.0

Sugar-free extract: 22.6

Vineyard route: Virgin Hill

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Slovo sklepmistra

Red tramíns traditionally thrive in Popice on deep loess soils. I really appreciate this wine's beautiful floral aroma, harmonious taste, which we achieved through well-timed harvesting and very careful vinification. It is a wine in which varietal aroma is combined with a juicy taste. In the aroma we can find blossoming tea roses, honeycombs and fresh cinnamon. The taste is full, clean, pleasantly harmonious, long-lasting and distinctly spicy.