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Riesling, BIO

Riesling, BIO

Late harvest, 2020
This Riesling is characterized by a beautiful, sparkling, light olive color with a typical variety's delicate apricot aroma and taste with notes of citrus fruits. A light, clean and mineral-rich wine with typically Riesling spicy acidity creates a youthful and pleasant impression.

*Gold medal in the 2021 Czech organic food competition

Properties of wine

Color: White wines

Sugar content: dry

Residual sugar: 0.8

Acids: 5.5

Alcohol: 11.5

Sugar-free extract: 20.8

Vineyard route: Virgin Hill

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Slovo sklepmistra

Since its inception, ie since 2003, the Gotberg winery has established all its vineyards in the spirit of organic production, and thus belongs to the pioneers of grape cultivation, thanks to a method that is gentle on nature. Gotberg currently farms 8ha of organic vineyards located on the Panenský kopec vineyard route. In BIO production, we grow three varieties, namely Pálava, Red Tramin and Riesling. This year, we decided to introduce these varieties to the market with the BIO label for the first time. The grapes were harvested by hand in the attribute category of late picking and selection from the grapes. The subsequent vinification and further treatment of the wine took place in the spirit of the rules of BIO production. I am a supporter of the fact that if the grapes are healthy, properly ripened, nothing else is needed. I hope you will like our organic wines.