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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Grape selection, 2019
Pinot Noir (Royal Blue) in the grape selection has a dark ruby ​​color. In the rich aroma of this wine, notes of dark fruit marmalade, wild raspberries and a slight hint of smoke stand out. The taste is powerful, mineral, with a hint of sour cherry in dark chocolate at the end.

Properties of wine

Color: Red Vines

Sugar content: dry

Residual sugar: 0.3

Acids: 6.2

Alcohol: 13.5

Sugar-free extract: 32.3

Vineyard route: Svidrunk

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Slovo sklepmistra

Ripe grapes, low burden on the bush, minimal intervention during vinification - this was the right key to the production of our Pinot Noir, similar to the other red wines from Gotberg. This wine has the slightly salty touch that Pinot Noir is supposed to have in the aroma and taste, to which traditional fruit and smoke notes are added.