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Moravian muscat

Moravian muscat

Late harvest, 2020
The traditional Moravian variety has the form of a fresh wine, which is characterized by a light greenish-yellow color, a pleasant floral-muscat aroma with subtle licorice notes and a juicy taste, so typical of young Muscats from Popice.

Properties of wine

Color: White wines

Sugar content: dry

Residual sugar: 3.1

Acids: 5.7

Alcohol: 12.5

Sugar-free extract: 21.1

Vineyard route: Virgin Hill

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Slovo sklepmistra

After good experiences from previous vintages "with juicy, light and floral-fruity muscats", I have prepared for you another successor to this tradition. The new Moravian Muscat 2020 is characterized by the mentioned attractive floral-fruity aroma, which will become more pronounced with its further maturation in the bottle . In taste, this muscat has a pleasant juicy impression, and it also impresses with its purity and taste typicality, which fulfills my ideas about this much sought-after variety.