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Merlot rosé

Merlot rosé

Late collection, 2021

Pink Merlot belongs to the fuller rosés in taste, it is very juicy, refreshing and in the end a beautifully harmonious fresh wine, in which the distinct aroma of blackcurrant and wild strawberries is combined. The full flavor of the wine corresponds to the dominant fruity aroma.

Properties of wine

Color: rosé wines

Sugar content: semi-dry

Residual sugar: 7.0

Acids: 6.9

Alcohol: 12.5

Sugar-free extract: 23.2

Vineyard route: Svidrunk

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Slovo sklepmistra

This year too, I have prepared rosé wine for you, again from the Merlot variety, which is extremely suitable for the production of this wine. Typical for this year's rosé wine is its darker color, which was contributed to by maceration of the mash lasting over four hours. In the aroma, we can find the blackcurrant, so typical for Merlot, or ripe strawberries. I think it will be a good companion for hot summer evenings.