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Grape selection, 2019
The Merlot of the 2019 vintage is characterized by a ruby ​​red color, a delicate aroma of black currant and wild cherry marmalade with a noticeable slight smokiness. The taste is fruity full with cultivated fine tannins, in the end we can find notes of dark chocolate and coffee.

Properties of wine

Color: Red Vines

Sugar content: dry

Residual sugar: 2.5

Acids: 5.7

Alcohol: 13.5

Sugar-free extract: 31.9

Vineyard route: Svidrunk

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Slovo sklepmistra

Thanks to the very low load on the bush, which represents 0.8 kg in the case of Merlot, we managed to harvest grapes with a sugar content of 26.2 NM. Ripe grapes together with careful processing and vinification gave rise to an interesting wine. The taste is fruity and clean.