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FRIZZANTE - Muškát moravský

FRIZZANTE - Muškát moravský

Moravian muscat
...... we love bubbles, that's why we have prepared for you a pleasant summer refreshment in the form of frizzante from Moravian Muscat, which will bring you an unusual taste experience. This wine is characterized by nutmeg-floral aromas, harmonious taste and pleasant refreshing acidity.

Properties of wine

Color: White wines

Sugar content: semi-dry

Residual sugar: 12.0

Acids: 6.4

Alcohol: 12.5

Sugar-free extract: The attribute was not set

Vineyard route: Virgin Hill

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Slovo sklepmistra

After the success of the non-alcoholic Gotbertinka lemonade, we thought about what novelty we would prepare for you this year. And remembering the warm summer evenings spent with friends on the terrace, frizzante came to mind. A refreshing, fun, fruity, uncomplicated drink, perfect for relaxing days. What does frizzante actually mean? It is a carbonated wine, and it is the sparkling that gives the wine the right amount of refreshment and supports its floral and fruity aroma. And that frizzante and sparkling wine have something in them, that each one is different, but both complement each other well, you can see for yourself .