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Grape selection, 2019
In our presentation, the traditional variety is characterized by an impenetrable, dark ruby ​​red color, which is combined with a pleasant, fruity aroma and taste of blackberries and prunes. The aftertaste is dominated by velvety tannins and cinnamon. The basis was healthy grapes and their gentle processing.

Properties of wine

Color: Red Vines

Sugar content: dry

Residual sugar: 1.0

Acids: 6.0

Alcohol: 13.0

Sugar-free extract: 30.3

Vineyard route: Svidrunk

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Slovo sklepmistra

During the production of this Frankovka, we had at our disposal ripe and extremely healthy grapes. We tried to proceed very sensitively in order to preserve the distinctive fruitiness and terroir. Our intention was to produce a full, fruity Frankovka, which will be intended both for immediate consumption and for archiving. I think we succeeded in that. I believe that this wine can appeal to lovers of Moravian red wines.