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Late collection, 2021
Chardonnay 2021 is characterized by an attractive green-yellow color. The aroma is clean, harmonious and interestingly varietal.
We can find aromas of green gooseberry and black currant in it. The taste is full, semi-dry, mineral and in the end complemented by pleasant acidity.

Properties of wine

Color: White wines

Sugar content: semi-dry

Residual sugar: 7.2

Acids: 7.0

Alcohol: 13.0

Sugar-free extract: 25.1

Vineyard route: Virgin Hill

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Slovo sklepmistra

The 2019 vintage gave this wine an unmistakable, typical aroma. The taste is full, mineral with significant persistence. What I really appreciate about this Chardonnay is its pleasant harmony and long drinkability. Beautiful juicy acidity combined with residual sugar makes this wine interesting and very attractive. Thanks to these properties, it belongs to our popular and sought-after varieties.